Singing bowls

Typically  called  ‘Dhvani  Pātra’  in  Nepali,  which  translates  to ‘Sound  bowl’,  the  Himalayan  Healing  Bowl  is  a  special  metallic alloy  of  seven  different  metals  (copper,  iron,  tin,  lead,  gold,  silver and  zinc)  which  correspond  to  the  sun,  moon  and  planets  in  the universe  and  the  seven  chakras  (energy  centers)  in  the  body. These  bowls  have  been  used  for  centuries  for  the  purpose  of healing and meditation. By striking the surface or rubbing the rim, the  bowls  produce  a  majestic  long  sustaining  harmonic  overtone and  an  intense  vibration  which  is  used  as  vibro-acoustic  therapy as part of physiotherapy. These are the frequencies of the universe “OM”  creating  union  between  our  mind-body-soul  and  the cosmos.

Benefits of the Himalayan Healing Bowls.

  • Deep relaxation and pain relief.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety through hypnotic sound by clearing mind.
  • Treat physical pain through vibrations.
  • Improve circulation and blood flow balancing blood pressure.
  •  Chakra balancing.
  • Increase  mental  and  emotional  clarity  (depression,  fatigue,  anger, loneliness, fear)
  • Promote  stillness,  happiness  and  well-being.  Stimulate  the immune system.Enhances  the  awareness  of  mind  and  body  in  perfect harmony.Sound and vibration reduces brain activity and slows down the respiration and heart rate.Also used as tool for clearing up negative energy and cleansingof space.

Malla Travel get-together

Taking time off from a very busy Dashera and Diwali period when it is peak tourist season in Nepal, the CEO of Malla Travel organized a get-together for the management team and well-wishers to wish them good health and success.

Melanie Li from 54Traveller China Nepal visit

Melanie Li the product manager of Shanghai 54Traveler was in Nepal recently to check out the new hotels and resorts, tourism attractions and routes to prepare the 2024 programs in time for the Spring Festival Chinese New Year Holidays. The tour operating company in China has been offering Nepal to their clients since 2013 and they are one of the first to revive Nepal tours post-pandemic. CEO Subodh Rana recently visited Shanghai to meet with the managing partner of the company Glen Fu.