Nagarkot is situated about 35 kilometers east of Kathmandu, is one of the most scenic spots in Bhaktapur district and is renowned for its spectacular sunriser view of the Himalayan when the weather is clear. The tops of the Nagarkot commands accelerating views in all direction. The altitude of Nagarkot is 2229 meter. Walks/hikes from Nagarkot are delightful. For anyone who wants to have an adventure without exerting much efforts, a hike to Nagarkot’s surrounding areas would be a good option.

Activities in Nagarkot
1. The Fort to Dhad Gaon, Kartike Bhyanjayang back to Fort – (3 hrs.).

2. The Fort to Gairi Gaun and return via old Trade Route back to Fort.
(Gairi gaon is a interesting village with a local monastery) – (4 ½ hrs.)

3. The Fort to the View Tower and back by alternate trail – 3½ hrs.

4. Full day trek programs on southern Ridge of Nagarkot hills and Return by alternate route to the Fort.

5. From The Fort to the Tower by Jeep(20min. Drive) and about 2½ hrs. trek down to Nala, visit Nala Bhagbhati, Karunamaya and Banepa. Drive back to The Fort by an alternate route. – (Full day program)

6. From The Fort 4½ hrs. Trek to Sankhu, visit Sankhu – Vajrayogini one and half hours trek to Telkot Bhanjyang – drive back to The Fort by Jeep. – (Full day program)

7. From The Fort 4 hrs. Trek to Changu Narayan and drive back via Bhaktapur by jeep.

8. Fort to Bageshwori (Trek)/Changu Narayan back to Fort by Jeep. – (Full day program)

9. From The Fort trek to Sankhu via Jarsingh Pauwa – Lopssiphedi/Sankhu/Fort by Jeep Or trek continues till Telkot Bhanjyang and drive back to The Fort.

10. Drive to Chinese boarder, Natural Hot Spring and back. – (Full day program)

All above program is developed by The Fort, Nagarkot and we should use their property for co-ordination.