Located in the south-west of the capital city Kathmandu, Chandragiri Hill is one of Nepal’s most loved day-trip destinations. Locals, expats and tourists alike visit this place for an exhilarating experience and some lovely memories are made in the wake. The main destination of Chandragiri Hill is the mountaintop, from where spectacular views of the great Himalayan mountain ranges can be seen. The crisp cold weather would envelop you, as only the snow-covered crests of numerous mountain massifs raise their head above the cloudy mist and the green valley of Kathmandu lies at the bottom, looking beautiful and glorious. The journey to the summit itself is utmost rewarding. The best way to reach the top of Chandragiri Hill is via the cable car. Unless you have vertigo or an intense fear of heights, the cable car ride up the mountain is a hidden gem of experience in Nepal. The cars and the mechanisms are very sturdy and reliable-looking, so that is not something you need to worry about.